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Well, today is a quick lesson that I just relearned.  When you are configuring the sales order/item category for a variant configuration item, one of the big things you have to configure is the requirement types.  Now there are some standard ones, but based on what you need, you’ll probably still tweak.

So let’s start at the beginning… where do you configure this?
Txn: SPRO  Sales and Distribution–>Basic Functions–>Availability Check and Transfer of Requirements–>transfer of requirements

In here, the first 3 pieces are what you generally need to be concerned with.  All the real work happens in the define requirements Classes step.  In here, you can define if the order generates a planned order, a production order, a service order, can it take configuration? the screen shot below shows you the full assortment of items you can control.  Ultimately, you will need to use trial and error to fit your business.  the screen shot is for the standard 040, which works for configurable items.  Certain things like the accounting section will need input from your FICO team, but out of the box, this one will work for you.

Now, once you’ve created or modified your requirement, you’ll need to create the requirement class.  I personally think this step is silly, but you have to do it.  I’ll usually name the class the same as the requirement, but do whatever you like.

Now for the last step.  Assign the requirement to your item category.  use the configuration:  Determination of Requirements Types using Transaction.

Use the search to find your VC item category.  In the second column enter in your requirements class.  Now, the last and final piece, put a 1 in the third column.  This is a subtle thing, but it tells configuration to follow the requirements settings in your sales order, not in the material master.  If you don’t put the 1 in there, you could spin your wheels for a while (like I just did) trying to figure out why it’s ignoring your Sd settings.  Anyway, that’s your tip of the day…

As always, I’m learning the hard way so you don’t have to =)

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