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While initially, I was afraid this might be bad for me, it’s anything but.  The trend that SAP is working toward is all CRM Service Centric.  While this may be the latest and greatest, our target audience is still the small to midsized companies.  Many of them don’t have the resources to switch to CRM service.  This works perfect for me.  My self service portal can be a perfect compliment to the portal SAP has for CRM, and likewise, the Field Service application I’m currently building will do the same thing for SAP’s app that works off of the cloud/CRM.

I saw a presentation that went over the whole range of stuff that SAP is working on/just released in regards to mobile apps, web apps, and let me tell you, it got me excited.  Especially, if I can capitalize on this trend.  So, watch for more posts on the future Field Service application from JaveLLin, I’m already hyped up about it 🙂

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