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Well, year 2 at the SAP Logistics/SCM/MFG conference was a dramatic improvement.  Some of the key things we found.

1. Swag – you have to do it.  Despite the ethics of “I only want people to talk to me if they are interested in my solutions”.  It turns out this approach is an epic fail.  By having slinkies and bags, we instantly had people stopping by, and would talk to us, sometimes finding they did have a need.  At a bare minimum, it gave us an opening to talk to people.

2. A real booth makes all the difference – Take a look at my last post to see the before and after.  Let’s just say, looking real gives people a lot more security in your solution.

3.  Having people.  Last year, Mike and I did it all ourselves.  This year, we brought 3 extra people, and let me tell you, it made all the difference in the world, especially during the busy times.

4.  Location, location, location – it’s just like real estate.  Mike ended up picking one of the best spots in in the tradeshow.  We ended up on a corner, facing a pair of rooms used by speakers and presentation…  so everytime people came out of the class, they walked past our booth.  Talk about a boost for a relatively unknown company.

5.  Running into old colleagues – while this isn’t something you can control, connecting with people is a whole lot easier when you have a history.  Especially, if you really did good things while you worked together.  I was able to reconnect with great contacts.

Now, we move onto the next phase…  utilizing all of the contacts we collected… more to come as I continue to decompress 🙂

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