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Well, I just recently spent a few nights updating my existing auto-responder course for Service Management.  I thought it would be a quick win.  Afterall, I was trimming out most of the lessons that no one looked at anyway.  Well, it turns out, that I need to pay more attention to the auto-responder than I have in the past.  Let me walk you through what needed to happen.

First, I copied all the existing web pages to a word document, so it would be easier to edit offline.  Crazy, but this is a lot more effort than I originally expected.  I needed to do it anyway, so I could grab a lot of the content that will become a series of E-Books anyway, but sometimes just pulling images from the webpage is a major hassle.

Once I had everything in word, then it was proofreading, updating the content to sell better.  Namely, trying to pitch this more a higher level audience.  Like I mentioned in previous posts, most of my stuff was geared toward my peers.  Great to build my reputation, not so great to generate sales 🙂  So that meant I needed to rework much of my content, remove the low level configuration.

After finishing all that, I needed to update all my web pages (my auto-responders all link back to web pages in my site).  The reason I do this is to see how many people are interested enough to open the email, and then how many click to my site to read the whole deal.  It helps me gauge how good my copy is to entice people to read the whole thing.  Then, of course, I ran into a new obstacle.  Using Optimize press meant that I lost all the good looking formatting for my class.  So I needed to recreate each page, just to have a logo, title bar, etc…

When I finally finished all that fiasco, then I had to head back into Mailchimp and rework all that content.  Mostly easy, but then I realized that the extra content I had in my surrounding my teaser copy.  So I had to make sure that each of my pages was consistent and accurate.  Especially since we’ve rebranded some of our products.  Short story, just re-tooling my auto-responder burned a good 25 hours when everything was done.

So, with all of that, if you want to check out the finished product, I’d love to have you sign up 🙂


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