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For small shops, like me, it’s a lot of infrastructure to to have a bunch of systems mapped to each other.  In addition, I have multiple active versions of SAP in order to allow me to test for different customers.  In that case, it’s even more complicated.  So, if you’ve read any of my earlier posts, you know that I use virtual-box to maintain my different systems.  Infrastructure – Setting up SAP on a budget  Now, that leaves me to either add all of my configuration over and over every time I create a new system.  I don’t like that idea 🙂  So I found out that you can grab two files and place them in a new system and import them, and magically you’re configuration has moved.   Here’s what you need to do to use SAP transports to handle this for you:

In the source system, as long as you properly configured STMS and do not use local objects, simple release the transport you want to move.  You will find the files you need in 2 directories:


the files are the transport #.  So grab those 2 files.  I use dropbox to move these files from virtual systems.  But you can use any method you choose to get the files where you need them.
next is to put the files back into the same directories in the target system.

Now, go to STMS, drill into the main system (not the virtual system)
go to the Import Overview, and double click into the main system
Use the menu:  extras–>other requests–>add

now type in the transport name from the source system.  <SID>k<num>.

if everything is configured properly, if will import it just like any other transport.

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