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Well, after I learned about how cool it was to combine service management and variant configuration, I did some posts a while ago, talking about exactly how it worked.  If you missed those, check them out here.  Well, there was still one gap that I couldn’t get to work.  I tend to use service with a “leading service material”, while the alternative is a “leading serviceable material”.  Well, it turns out that only leading serviceable materials can work out of the box with VC.  I worked with OSS for a couple weeks on this…  only to have it get kicked high enough up the chain to tell me “works as designed”.  However, they were nice enough to give me the standard user-exit that can be used to make it work.  So I thought I”d share that with you today.

Generally, please be aware that in a Standard repair process with
leading serviceable material, the configuration data, i.e. CUOBJ, is
only copied from the main item to the returns sub item. This is
controlled via the following coding:

* for RMA return subitem (leading serviceable material) fill cuobj from * main item and fix the configuration (like in normal copy process)
if vbap-vkgru eq vkgru_rep_retoure and
vbak-vbklt eq vbklt_repa_auft.
vbap-cuobj = hvbap-cuobj.
perform configuration_fix(sapfv45s).

If you want the CUOBJ also to be copied to other sub items in the
repair order, you would have to implement a modification in

if vbak-vbklt eq vbklt_repa_auft.
if vbap-vkgru eq vkgru_rep_gutschrift or
vbap-vkgru eq vkgru_rep_austauschteil or
vbap-vkgru eq vkgru_rep_auslieferung.
vbap-cuobj = hvbap-cuobj.
perform configuration_fix(sapfv45s).

The constants for the item classifications are defined as follows
vkgru_rep_retoure       LIKE vbap-vkgru VALUE ‘101’,
vkgru_rep_reparatur     LIKE vbap-vkgru VALUE ‘102’,
vkgru_rep_auslieferung  LIKE vbap-vkgru VALUE ‘103’,
vkgru_rep_leihgeraetbes LIKE vbap-vkgru VALUE ‘104’,
vkgru_rep_leihgeraetabh LIKE vbap-vkgru VALUE ‘105’,
vkgru_rep_austauschteil LIKE vbap-vkgru VALUE ‘106’,
vkgru_rep_verschrottung LIKE vbap-vkgru VALUE ‘107’,
vkgru_rep_gutschrift    LIKE vbap-vkgru VALUE ‘108’,
vkgru_rep_lastschrift   LIKE vbap-vkgru VALUE ‘109’,
so if you want the configuration to be copied into sub items of types
other the returns/101, you would need to adjust the userexit code

Hope this might be helpful to you.  I’ll actually be fully documenting the configuration of this process (and I’ll include this code again) in my upcoming E-book on configuring service management.  It’s been a beast writing this book, so when it comes out, I’ll be pretty excited.  If you’re interested in a copy, let me know 🙂

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