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Well, an old friend of mine recently pinged me with a question.  The idea was how do I get my bill of material in the producing plant, if my ordering plant is in another company code.  So plant A orders the configurable product, and plant B builds it.  Plant A & B are in different company codes so you an STO is needed.  The problem is that out of the box, the order BOM for the product exists in the ordering plant.  But since it’s Engineer to Order, the BOM really needs to exist in the producing plant.

Luckily, my buddy Rama happened to have the answer for me.  It turns out, there are a couple of OSS notes that take care of this.

494500 & 691267 will tell CU51 (order bom maintenace) to look at the special procurement key and create the BOM, rather than in the ordering plant.

in addition, here’s a good link that has a lot of VC OSS tricks 🙂

SAP Notes

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