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Well, I signed up a few months ago with a company to help expand my linked-in presence.  They have done a great job of increasing the number of times someone searches me, as well as getting me connected to a vast number of a people.  The problem is that I now of all of these connections…  but what do I do with them?

The concept is that I can eventually get quality through quantity.  A theory that seems sounds.  However, with all that quantity, comes a great deal of “noise”.  The idea behind increasing my linked-in connections was to get me connected to people/companies using SAP.  In particular, to help me connect with the decision makers and the people that can write the checks.  Well, right now, I have no good way sort through the people that I may want to speak directly with.  I did recently find a cool option that I didn’t know about, and that is the option to tag contacts.  This is great, if my contacts had been “tagged as I went”.  Now, the shear volume would take me days to get through to tag everyone.

So, what I will likely end up doing, is searching my companies that I know run SAP.  Then for each of my first connections, I can go through and tag them.  The problem with this approach is that it still leaves all the companies I’m not aware of, thus losing me the connections I was really looking…  But like everything, I need to start somewhere.

But, if you’re connections are manageable, and you are trying to use Linked-In for business connections, the tag is a good option.  If you might have any suggestions on how to better sort my connections, I’d love to hear it.  In general, I’m a linked-in novice, so any advice is greatly appreciated.

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