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Not long ago, I did a post, encouraging you to find out from your friends what you are truly good at.  Well, I did this exercise, and it really helped me.  But, keep in mind, it’s not everything that you’re good at.  While the people close to you might be able to help you see things you didn’t think of, rarely will they know what really sparks your creativity.  Hell, even I don’t know what really sparks it.  I’ve been reading/listening to a lot of Perry Marshall lately.  I love the possibility of going on vacation, meditating on a beach, or reading a fun book alongside the pool and having my best ideas come to me…  Mostly, I like the idea of vacations 🙂  But I just had another lightning bolt hit me tonight.  A lot of my creativity actually comes from writing.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I don’t fancy myself a writer, I don’t expect I to make my fortune writing novels.  But what has been happening is as I write, ideas start to flow.  Now, I tend to suffer from constant writers block.  I feel like I’m always struggling for something that will actually provide you, the reader, something of value.  I know how valuable time is to all of us, so if you’re going to take the time to read my stuff, I want to give you something worth your time.  I know that I may fall short, but trust me, I’m trying hard 🙂  But tonight, I saw that I needed to get some posts written before I head out of town.  So I searched through my notes, and looked for a topic that I wouldn’t have to spend a week researching.  I noticed some more ideas on the ROI that I haven’t typed up.  Those posts have been entirely off the cuff.  I truly just came up with a point to talk about, and pulled the ideas out as I started to type.  I used to think this was rare for me, but I realize that when I start to write/type, things will often just flow, new ideas will hit me (and I apologize, might often take you on a complete tangent).  But in the end, I look back and realize that I didn’t know I knew some of this stuff.

When I look at the ROI posts I recently put out, this is a perfect example.  It’s all stuff I should be using in my marketing, but I never put 2 + 2 together until I started typing.  Now my real lightning bolt moments don’t come from writing.  Those usually hit me for no reason.  I decided to start this software business one night on the airplane coming home from who knows where.  The trick for us all is to figure out when creativity hits you.  And then do more of that.

For me, I need to keep writing, and take more time off.  How about you???

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