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Well, I’m trying to move into the mobile world.  I recently had a meeting with our friend Paul at Lithium Labs.  He’s our app expert.  So he pretty much gave us the low down on what we need to do to get started.  While there are several different ways to get into the mobile app arena, the easiest method also fits best with our business model.  Using the Netweaver Gateway is the way to go.  In essence, it is a simple way to connect apps with your SAP system without any extra hardware, and just a simple installation (SAINT) .  Obviously, SAP has more complex and high end solutions based on all the technologies they have recently been acquiring, but Netweaver Gateway is our plan.

So, Paul said the best place to start is to get it installed.  Well, I got in installed and tried it on all of my systems.  Of course, my first piece of bad news.  I’m not running a support pack level high enough to install the gateway.  So it turns out, step one is to get the basics of my system up to SP 20 (at least for my 6.0 SR3 system).  There is a Gateway 2.0, but it requires a basis level of 7.02.  Even my EHP4 system is only running 7.01, so it seems that 1.9 is my way to do things.  I guess it fits really well with my philosophy of design in the lowest possible version so it’s always upward compatible.

So, round one goes to the gateway.  I have to get a bunch of support packs installed, starting as soon as I can get them all downloaded, I’ll attempt round two.

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