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Well, here’s something new I just ran into.  Last night, my system crashed, which by itself was no big deal.  I just had to restart my virtual server.  But then I went to do some testing in Rapier and suddenly I couldn’t even get the login page to show up.  All I got was an error in IE (internet Explore) talking wda_ls_main.js  Well, this sounded cryptic and unhelpful.  So I went to SDN, and quickly found that it’s a browser issue, not anything with my code.  Which was good, since it worked last night and I hadn’t changed anything.

The solution was simple, go to the internet options, delete all the browsing history.  Apparently, from time to time, something strange gets cached and it won’t reload.  I wasn’t able to really get any more info than that (that I understood at least.  ha ha ha).

so if you run into this error on you AWDP page, try just clearing out the history.

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