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Well, one of the things I recently learned is that JaveLLin Solutions has attempted to be all things to all people.  This seems like a great approach.  However, we are finally understanding that if we want our business to be successful, we must focus on our strengths.

If you’ve been to our website, I’m sure you noticed that we have a lot of products out there.  We have stuff for Service Management, Production Execution, Materials Management/Warehouse Management, and even Variant Configuration.  So, after some talk, Mike and I have agreed that our material master and variant configuration product lines will need to be shelved for a while.  They certainly won’t go away, and at some point we’ll have the time and resources to expand, but for right now, our niche of SM and PP is largely overlooked by our competitors, so we feel that this area is our best chance to find a home in the market.

It is a bit sad, because I have devoted time to these areas, and have a lot of great ideas, but like you’ve noticed in a lot of my posts, we are overwhelmed with things to do…  so the further we spread our focus the harder it will be to keep up with what we need to do.

So, just a word of advice that I’ve been told lately by some marketing professionals…  stay focused.  Don’t try to be everything to everyone.  The key is to find our specialty, and work the hell out of it.  When you get big enough, you can always expand back into those areas 🙂  But have no fear, I’ll still be blogging about VC and all the things I learn.  I just won’t be developing products in that area for a little while.  Good luck and thanks for reading.


As always, thanks for reading and don't forget to check out our SAP Service Management Products at my other company JaveLLin Solutions,

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