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Here’s another chance for me to add to my notebook.  Adding debug authorization is a trick I often have to do in my development projects.

When you have your own system, one of the first things to figure out is how can I get the authorization to debug a program, or in my case a Web Dynpro application.  Now, you can certainly assign yourself the role of SAP_ALL.  But what happens when you want to test with a real user???  Well, you need to narrow down that Authorization.

So, simply add this authorization:
Then fill in the following attributes…
ACTIVITY: 1 & 2 & 3

I know, not really exciting, but I never know if it might help you…  it certainly is something I’ve used multiple times.


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2 thoughts on “Basis – Debug Authorization

    1. Hi John,
      A couple of things to check. The first is to look in transaction SICF. You’ll want to see what user is assigned here. If none is listed, it will use whatever user is executing the application. the second is to make sure you are setting a session break-point. You may need to check the menu utilities–>settings for ABAP editor, on the debug tab to make sure your user is setup as the user for debugging.
      Hope this helps,

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