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Well, since I’ve been hitting the warranty claims stuff pretty hard lately, I figured I might as well through another easy one out there.  This piece of configuration is really pretty straightforward, and likely something you will never touch.  But in my own quest for knowledge, and since I may put together an e-book in the future about warranty claims configuration, I decided to find out what this configuration was all about.  As it turns out, in 99% of the cases, the function code is equal to the action code.  About the only time it might be different is if you add some custom buttons.  Regardless, if you need it, here is how you do it.


Go to OWTY to find this menu path.


Beyond that, like you can see, there are 2 columns, and in most instances, they are identical.  There are a few instances where a different function code exists, but all in all, a pretty mundane, and rarely used piece of configuration.

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