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One of the revelations that has recently hit me is that if I want to really build a business, I need some ideas.  Now, here is my problem.  I’m really good with “reactionary” type solutions.  I can look at a problem using the tools I have and can come up with great solutions, but I’m in need of is someone that look forward and help guide me where to go next.  What I’ve discovered about myself is that I’m the sort of person that guide an idea to completion, but I often get caught up in managing those projects, and don’t make the time to pay attention to all of the latest and great technology out there.

I’m looking for some help to start taking my business beyond SAP ERP.  Right now I’m considering the internet of things for certain niche markets, but here again, I’m chasing the pack.  My buddy Justin recently pointed out that if you aren’t focusing on solutions that can make a 500% – 1000% difference, you’re probably chasing the wrong ideas.  With the speed of technology in today’s world, everything is changing faster than ever.  If I’m not focusing on something big, I’m one of the dinosaurs just waiting for extinction.

So if you’re one of those visionaries out there, that can see the path, or at least have a good guess, please reach out to me.  I’m very interested in partnering with you.

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