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Well, after spending some time digging around I’ve found the trouble with my network.  So I had two systems in the same box, one cloned from the other.  So after running through all the different scenarios, I found that individually, both systems worked fine.  Only when I turned on both systems at the same time did my network problems begin.  I did some hunting on google, and as I often find, my situation is unique…  well, at least unique enough that no one else has posted a solution 🙂

But Virtualbox did give me some clues…  it got me thinking that it might be the network for the virtual system causing the issue.  So I tried changing from a bridged adapter, with no luck.  Then by a stroke of genius, or a stroke of luck, I finally noticed the option to refresh the MAC address.

Magically, everything started working again.  So the morale of the story is if you clone a machine, make sure you change the MAC address, it could make all the difference.

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