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I recently learned that one of the habits I’ve gotten into is actually detrimental to my sleep.  If I don’t stay up too late doing something else for work, I often pull out my latest sales or marketing book and read till I fall asleep.  The problem that I started to realize is that I’d often get a new insight from reading, and instead of falling asleep, my brain would start churning about my latest idea, and keep we awake even though I was dreadfully tired.  It’s funny, but looking back it should’ve been obvious.  But like so many things in my journey, nothing is obvious until it’s pointed out to me… sometimes multiple times.

Well, I reading Perry Marshall again, and it finally hit me.  He said to read something light, read some fiction, read something that has nothing to do with business.  The reasoning for this is twofold.  First and most important is that it allows your brain to shut off before bed.  You can focus on something else and allow your subconscious to do the job it’s meant to do…  be creative.  But sometimes when you force work over and over again, your subconscious can’t be creative, it can only focus what you bombard it with.  The second benefit is that when you read something you like, you can actually make yourself a better a copywriter.  Since I’ve figured out that writing is often a big part of the sales job, being the best copywriter possible is very important.  think about it, between emails, websites, sales letters, newsletters, blogging, 2/3’s of my work is writing in one way or another.  So reading a published author can only give you better ideas of how to improve your own writing.  I need to do a lot more reading, but hey, you’re reading this aren’t you?  so can’t be that terrible 🙂

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