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I just learned something new today with the latest and “greatest” version of the IPC.  In our models we were using a reference characteristic MARA-MATNR to find the material number and help us determine what transaction we are currently executing within.  The idea behind this was that we could drive different behavior if the model was being executed inside of a Sales order or CU50 (MARA-MATNR wouldn’t  be specified) and in the material master (MARA-MATNR would  be specified).

Well, it turns out the IPC outsmarted me.  It is over ambitious and goes and find a value for MARA-MATNR within the sales order (and probably CU50 as well).  So now, that reference characteristic is never blank within the IPC.

There was an easy fix, we now need to include a statement to check if the material number (MATNR) is equal to the KMAT name.  Not the end of the world, but it’s a rather funny little trick to be aware of.  I’m waiting to see if it “helps” me with any other reference characteristics too.

Anyway, something to be aware.  Thanks for reading,

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