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Well, this being my first time back in the IPC in a while, I’m learning some new tricks.  This particular project I’m working on is setting up to use the IPC within ERP exclusively (no CRM or third party).  So this is uncharted territory, and from what I’ve been digging around online, not many places are doing this…  at least not that they are posting about.  So, like always, as I start new adventures, why not keep y’all in the loop 🙂

The first thing I learned is that whenever you need to generate a new KB or a new runtime version, you also need to run the program CFG_ERP_REQUEST_DB.  My understanding is that this takes the place of the upload to CRM, so the ERP side can see the latest changes.

This is a short one, but it’s something I needed in my digital notebook anyway 🙂

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