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Now I know that we are hitting the big time, we are working to bring on board our first intern.  The idea was first presented to us at the regional ASUG in Columbia, SC.  At the time it was only a passing idea, but recently I found out my younger cousin (a programmer) was looking for his for job and having a hard time finding anything, well, things just started to come together.

Obviously, I’m overworked and can’t keep up with all the development I have on my plate, along with business and marketing and sales…  so it seemed like a perfect fit.  Now, the fun part came in when we had to do an “on-boarding” process.  I have a new appreciation for just what it takes to bring in a new employee.  First, there’s the legal paperwork, NDA’s, SOW’s, contracts, compensation, etc.  Then setting him up with an email account, getting everyone linked on Skype, dropbox etc.  Then of course, I needed to get him setup with a SAP logon, a development key…  and a system that he can play in without impacting any of my other development initiatives.

Now to make thing more exciting, he’s never done SAP (hence why he was probably looking for a job.  ha ha).  So, I’ve been setting him up some of my old training material.  Now, I think we finally have it all pulled together.  He has a system to play in, some of our applications to use as a model (needless to say, we’re keeping it simple for the first round), a bunch of training…  and license to break anything he wants to.

I finally realize what a win win it really is to have interns.  You know, I got started in all of this by accident through an internship so very long ago…  and look at me now.  Well, maybe I can impart the same sort of success to our first intern.  Or at the very least, I can trade some cash to get back some of my time.  No matter how you look it, it could be huge for everyone involved.  And with all the self-help, sales programs, motivation programs, they all have a simple fact in common…  if you want to succeed in the long run, you need to focus on win-win deals.  Make sure it works for everyone and it’s sure to work.  Well, let’s hope all the experts are right.

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