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Well, for any of you that have been modeling for a while, I’m sure you’ve encountered a constraint that seems like it should be working, but you keep getting a syntax error.  I run into this often enough that I came up with my own method of dealing with it, commenting dependency code.  I comment out almost everything, and see if one of the statements work.  At least this narrows down my issue 🙂

Well, another really nice thing i found when using the PMEVC to edit my dependencies is that I can work with the code in the same way you can within an ABAP program.  So no more selecting one line at a time, or adding cryptic codes in the line numbers to add or delete a line.  You can simply highlight everything you want (like you were in a word document).

My favorite new trick in ABAP or VC dependencies is quickly commenting or un-commenting out a big chunk of code.

The hot key:  <ctrl> < will add a comment.  <ctrl> > will remove the comment.  This is really useful when you have a long dependency.  Now I know you hard core CU02 programmers will remind me that you can do this in the old school editor.  But for my money, the PMEVC really made this cleaner and more user friendly than the original.  Believe me, I held out a long time before I became a convert to the PMEVC, but it really has become my go to place for VC.
Anyway, there’s your trick of the day,  Thanks for reading.

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