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I’ve recently run into a strange issue when I ALE constraints with ECM.  I’ve been finding that in some situations, the constraints are properly sent to the target system, the syntax check out, but for some reason, they never fire.  No good explanation of why.  I feel like this happened to me in the past, but I’m guessing I never got a good explanation then either, since I don’t see anything in my notes.

The only work around I’ve found for this issue is to make a simple change (can even just be a comment or a space) and save it in the source system.  Then go back to CUK2 and ALE it again to the target system using the latest change number.

Suddenly, after doing this, the constraint fires again with no issues.  If you’ve seen this issue in the past, and can explain why it happens, please comment.  I’d love to know the underlying issue behind this, so I can at least understand why it happens =)

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