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Once again, I have to give special thanks to my good friend Jeremy.  He pointed out something in my previous post that I didn’t even realize.  It turns out that I don’t need to install anything special for activating the IPC.  Jer pointed me toward OSS Note:  854170 which points out that the IPC needs to be activated, rather than any additional installations.

The OSS Note tells you to activate the parameter in RZ10 (remember, you will need to restart your server in order to implement the change).

vmcj/enable = on

In addition, Jer also gave me this screenshot to show the installation instructions (but honestly, it’s barely needed).

I confess that I haven’t had a chance to go very far with this yet, and I have yet to find out if I can use the advanced mode functionality inside of ECC, but as soon as I get a little time, I’ll let you all know.

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