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Well, recently, I was doing some prep work/clean up for my upcoming Field Service Engineer Web application.  I intend to reuse as much code as possible from my Rapier application.  In the course of my cleanup, I ran into an issue.  I had created some custom IMG nodes in configuration, and subsequently deleted them in order to clean up some of my export packages.  Well, short story, deleting the nodes didn’t delete all of the underlying pieces.  One of my tables was showing a where used for the IMG node that was already deleted, so I need to use SIMGH for IMG cleanup.

What I found is that since deleting the node didn’t delete the underlying pieces, the only alternative was to find those pieces individually, and delete them.  Transaction SIMGH did for me what S_IMG_EXTENSION couldn’t.  You see, I did all of my creation and deletion using S_IMG_EXTENSION, and for some reason, S_IMG_EXTENSION doesn’t properly clean up after itself.  So my word of warning is that if create your own custom IMG nodes using S_IMG_EXTENSION, be careful if you do any deletions, and be sure to use SIMGH to validate your work.

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