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You know, it’s funny, I spend so much time working, that sometimes I don’t even notice just how much I need to unplug. It was this past Friday, that it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was crabby at the world, I was annoyed by everyone I talked to, and the only thing that could help me keep it together was focusing on the kids (and of course, my upcoming vacation). Now, maybe I’m the odd-ball (and trust me, if you talk to any of my close friends, they will agree), but in all seriousness, when you start to get frustrated with your job, your co-workers or even your family… maybe you just need to get away for a little bit.

Now I know you can’t always leave the kids, leave the country, or ditch your family… but what you can do is ditch all your connections to work. For me, it usually hits me out of the blue. Life can be great… great… and then suddenly every email begins to annoy you, you stop sleeping well because you to start to stew about work or what you need to do…

My advise… turn off the tech. ignore all emails for a weekend. Do anything you can to keep yourself occupied and NOT thinking about work. Sometimes it can make all the difference.

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