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Now I know I’m a glutton for punishment. My normal existence is no less than 2 full time jobs, and sometimes I’m doing 2.5 or 3 at the same time. While this fits well for my easily bored personality, it can also be burning the candle at both ends. When I start to fall into a slump, it’s very important to take a break. I just got back from my vacation, and managed to avoid technology for the entire week. There were times I started to wonder what was going on with my projects, or even my own JaveLLin ideas. But, the resort saved me. I could only get internet in the lobby, and it helped remind me that I needed the time to unplug for a while.

Now, the really important piece of this is the ability unwind for a while. I spent a lot of time by the pool, and a lot of time enjoying my great friends that came along with me.

All of this reminded me of why I work so hard… it’s so that I can do what I just did. I could spend the week away from my computer, ignore my projects, and enjoy my friends and family. I noticed a lot of people parked in the lobby working, on their phones checking emails, face book or whatnot. It felt really good to live in the moment and just enjoy the fruits of my labor. If I just keep working hard… it’s easy to forget why I keep burning the candle at both ends.

So, take my advice, don’t forget why you work so hard and put so much effort into your own endeavors. Enjoy your hardwork 🙂

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