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Well, yet again, I learned a valuable lesson.  Last fall, I spent a considerable amount of time enhancing SM customer portal application.  I’m pretty excited about the stuff I added to it.  The problem is that I got pulled off to do some stuff for our upcoming conference (turning the production execution app into web dynpro, and creating the RFC’s for a mobile IPad app).  Why am I rambling about this???  well, I was just on an airplane and I thought I’d jump in and put the finishing touches on the Rapier changes I made 3 months ago.

Needless to say, I quickly found that I forgot much of what I did.  I remembered the functionality, but I didn’t remember the details.  And in typical Piehl Fashion…  I didn’t document what I had done.  So I have a bunch of configurable options…  but I no longer know what the flags did or what the possible options are. To further compound the issue, I rolled back my test system, so all my test data is long gone.  So now, in order to wrap up a little bit of work, I’ll have to build test data and dig into my code to figure out what I did.

The lesson learned…  single handle your tasks.  Finish something completely before moving to the next task (if you can).  Now, if you cannot do that…  document what you did before you move onto the next task.  It’ll save you a lot of headaches in the future.  Now, back to create test data =)

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