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This one goes out to my loyal crowd out there.  I’m looking for a better way to do this, and I’m not sure it exists.  I have an open notification, and I want to be able to notify a particular partner type (with an email assigned) upon certain changes.  We’ll keep it simple, and say a status change.  I want to send an email on notification change to this partner, but so far it appears this can only be done with a user exit.

Like so many thing in SAP, I’ve seen a ton things to accomplish this using actions in CRM, but my world is ERP, so it often means I need to do things the hard way =)

Now I know very little about workflow, so perhaps it’s possible, but that seems like a rather large up front cost in comparison to a little bit of ABAP.  But maybe I’m missing something.  If any of y’all might have a good option, I’d love to hear it, or if you’ve had to do this yourself, I’d also like to hear from you.  This hasn’t been a common request in my career, but it does seem to be popping up more and more often.

Thanks for  your advice, and as always thanks for reading.

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