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Well, if you remember, I recently got started with Google Adwords.  I thought I was doing ok.  I was getting some clicks, spending some money, but getting no results =(  obviously, this is bad.  I recently talked to a marketing professional, that took a quick look at my site, and hit me with reality.

My landing pages sucked.  He gave me what he called a “$10,000 piece of advise”…  shut Adwords immediately.  He said the way my landing pages were designed doomed me to failure.  I was never gonna get any conversions with the current setup.  He told some simple tricks, that I’ll share with you today.

1.  Tell your visitor what you want them to do in the first page, without any scrolling.  If you want them to sign up for something, contact you, or just click for more information, don’t expect them to scroll and scroll to find that call to action.  You need to show it right up front.

2.  If you’re offering a newsletter, an E-Class, a whitepaper, or whatever, explain why they should sign up right up front.  People aren’t going to sign up for some nebulous offer…  not in today’s world of spam and junk mail.  They need to know why they NEED to sign up for your stuff.

3.  If you have a contact us link at the top of your site…  explain why they want to contact you.  If you’re like me, you’re not offering tech support or something random on your site.  You want them to contact you for more information.  You’re building leads.  Well, the average user needs a reason to click on something.  Be sure to give it to them.

4.  Avoid using stock photos, especially if you can use photos of yourself at work.  If you have pics of you at a client, or on the job, add those instead of some random models in a conference room.  It adds credibility and increases trust.

All that being said, look for some major revamps to the website coming soon.  Anyway, that my learning things the hardway lesson for today (too bad it costed me nearly $1000 in adwords…  but better now than after $5000).  Thanks for reading.

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