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Well, over the weekend, I had a little free time, and I wrapped up the first piece of Renovation.  The enhanced notification creation.  It was actually a refreshing break to walk away from writing specs and actually get back into coding.  I’m pretty exciting, because a few week back I had the idea to leverage all of the work I did for Rapier, which was designed to be an out of the box Customer Portal for service management.  Now, I’ve taken that to the next level.  It still has all the pieces for the cusotmer portal, but now I’ve added in the ability for it to be an internal tool, which looking back, is probably a much better place to start.

It’s designed entirely in ABAP Web Dynpro.  So that makes it available without an SAP GUI, you just call up the URL, and give it a shot.  Among the biggest advancement is the built in creation of “multiple serial numbers” in a single notification.  Notice, I put that statement in quotes, because if you go into the backend system, there is a parent notification that you give to the customers, and then X number of child notifications that house each individual serial number.  But it works like a create with reference, including building in the document flow, and it copies all of the pieces you want (If I missed any, just let me know and I”ll be sure to add them).

One of my biggest questions is if this needs to be an ERP transaction, given my business. Having the web app seems like a plus when deaing with the call center/customer service, but maybe if they are used to entering in notifications, I’ll need to provide action boxes to do the same thing.  I’d love your feedback…

If you’d like to see what I have, go checkout this url for firefox and safari:

then over on the left side of the screen, select create a notification.

currently, it seems to be working best in firefox and safari.  it also works in chrome if you use this extended URL:

for internet explorer, something has recently changed, and I’m having trouble getting it to run.  I can only assume it needs another support pack update 🙁

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