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I’m neck deep in my latest design for the call center/customer.  It revolves around the concept of enhancing the service notification to be more function AND easier to use.  So, I was beginning to look at the selection screen.  I could model everything that current SAP transaction does, or I could just do a subset of those that I believe are the most widely used.  So this led me to the dilemma of how much is enough to exceed my future customer’s expectations?

I could spend my time adding in every option available, knowing full well that 90% of everyone out there doesn’t use most of them…  but then they are available, just in case.  Or, I could add in the bare bones, and have to scramble when a customer asks why a particular field isn’t available.  So, where do you draw the line.  I’m still a sales and marketing novice, so I often have to default to my friends for guidance.  First let me tell you what I think…  and then I’d love to hear if you have a different opinion…

I used to go down the path of add EVERYTHING. Afterall, I’m already in there doing it, it’s just a little more time, a little more repetition, and a few more entries in my tables.  However, I’m realizing that the more time I spend on tedious work like that, the more time I’m NOT spending on the really big pieces that I need to design.  For example, this product will have a big enhancement to the way that repair sales orders are generated.  It’ll give a company a lot more functionality and flexibility, and make life a lot EASIER for customer service.  I could spend my time getting that designed and fully tested… or I could add a few more fields for selection that will likely never be used.  So I’m going done path B…  because I can always add more fields later.  It won’t take much effort, and might actually cut down on some of the extra pieces I add that will never be used.

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