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I’ve had several asks in the past few months about doing territory management within ECC (NOT CRM).  I’ve done some digging and hunted around on the web, and aside and haven’t seen anything out there.  Here’s the concept.  A company has a group of technicians that may be region specific, some are product specific and others are assigned directly to some major customers.  The idea is that they need a flexible solution to be able to assign a technician to a notification, a sales order or a service order based on specific criteria.

Well, sitting around and doing some documentation today and an idea hit me.  I could build a territory management solution in ECC pretty easily.  But I wanted to put myself in check first.  First, is anyone even interested.  I think the answer is yes, as i have had 2 clients this past year both looking for something similar.  The other question is there already a nice solution out there?  I didn’t find one, but that’s where I thought I’d throw this out to the crowd.  Would anyone buy a territory management solution in ECC?  or is it easy enough to develop in-house.  I always like to think I have these revolutionary ideas…  but perhaps this would be a waste of time.

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