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So, naturally, I’m all jazzed up SAP HANA.  Less for the capabilities for me personally, but more for the ability to add the latest buzzwords to my applications.  Plus, I’ve heard enough details to make me concerned if all my applications will continue to run on the new HANA platform.  So for that reason, I want to build a HANA box of my own to validate that my stuff will work… and if not, figure out how much redesign will be needed if I end up with a customer on or going to the new platform.

So I talked to the organization that is helping me install a new EHP5 system (I’ve talked a little bit my headaches with that upgrade… but I hope that is close to finished).  Their recommendation was to build the platform on Amazon Web Service platform instead of buying my own hardware.  Being a bit of control freak, this naturally makes me a little concerned and a little curious to try it.  Here’s the big things…  I won’t have to worry about the maintenance or internet connectivity or any of that other stuff that gives me constant nightmares.  I won’t have to invest in my own hardware… but on the flip side, I’ll have to pay for the use hourly.  My understanding is that it will range from $1 – $5 per hour of use.  This portion could be a little bit of hassle, since I use contract developers, and I don’t know exactly when they will be working.  When you run your own systems, it doesn’t matter.  they can be up 24/7 (as long as I can keep them running). but in order to keep from wasting money, I’ll need to start the server when I need work done or I run the risk of big bills at the end of the month.

Anyone out there have experience with AWS?  anyone do it with an SAP system?  I’d love to hear any experiences or things to be concerned with.

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