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It’s funny, after the big conference, and putting so much time and effort into preparing, it can be easy coast for a couple weeks.  After all, I worked hard, don’t I deserve a break?  But luckily for me, I work a lot from home, so I get perfect little reminders all the the day of why I do it.  For example, after my little girl wakes up from her nap, she runs into my office and gives me a big hug (then usually requests a pistachio or whatever other snacks I might have).  Then when I my little boy gets home from school, he comes and chats a bit about his day (or the new lego he wants to buy).  It’s these little constant reminders that keep me working hard on both my day job, and my “night job”.

When I think back to the days of when I had to travel every week, Monday through Thursday, it really hits him how lucky I am and how much I want to avoid that.  It is so special to see my little kids grow up a little every day, and I don’t want to miss that.  With consulting, there’s no guarantees I can maintain the remote work forever.  But if I can become self sufficient in my software business, then I can dictate when I travel and how much.  So, working a few extra hours at night is absolutely worth it.

What makes it worth it for you to work so hard?  It doesn’t matter if you’re like me and you do it for the kids (which is really doing it for me), or you do it for your fun lifestyle, that big house you want to buy, or early retirement.  The important thing is to notice those reminders.  It will help keep you focused.

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