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Ok, many of you know that I’m a bit of a self-improvement junkie.  I’m always looking for ways to make myself more productive, a better person, better husband, better father, successful entrepreneur.  Well, I started listening to something new a few days ago.  Well, you start watching a movie or listening to something to and just start nodding because they are telling your story?  Well, that’s the sort of moment I got this morning listening in my car.  As I type this, I even have the excited butterflies in my stomach…  that usually means I’m onto something pretty good (or I had too much caffeine.  I hope it’s the former 🙂 ).

Well, this is something I got from a Perry Marshall program.  The special guest was named Steve, and he started talking about how hard he works, and he eventually started to feel hollow.  The business was growing, he had more work than he knew how to finish, along with his full time job.  Well, this pretty much describes me perfectly.  So, I’m nodding along, listening, and wondering how can I fix myself from this same problem.  Well, this program has a bit of a religious spin to it.  I’m not an overly religious person, I spent a lot of time in Lutheran school as a kid, but I had fundamental “challenges” with organized religion, and I’ll just leave it that.  Anyway, Steve started talking about the Sabbath…  well, I remember that one, it’s Sunday right???  turns out if you dig into the true definition, it just means rest…  but a very special type of rest.  It’s a rest that you have to give one way or a another.  You can voluntarily take the rest, or it will take you in sickness, disease, burnout, numbness, etc.  You get the idea.  So it starts to hit me, that I’m always on…  I take a couple hours a day off to play with the kids, or maybe work in my garden…  but generally, I’m doing something all the time until I can’t think straight again.  So it hits me…  I need a Sabbath…  now, I haven’t figured out how to accomplish this yet…  but the crazy excitement I’m feeling is my inner voice telling me I need this…

Steve actually gave a great example.  A bow has to be unstrung, or it become less effective and weaker over time, until it finally breaks.  Well, looking back, my bow has been strung tightly for far too long.  How about you? are you burning the midnight oil?  do you find yourself in perpetual motion…  maybe you need a “sabbath” too…

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