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Well, I thought I was ready to start distributing my e-book…  I went to a website that seemed pretty decent called Smashwords.  They take care of the heavy lifting for you (for a fee of course), but since this book isn’t about the money, I don’t really care if I lose a few bucks a book.  What I do care about is getting it into as many places as possible, so I can help build my credibility even further.  I thought this was going to be the easy part.  Well, I started going through the guide and find that they won’t accept files bigger than 10MB.  Oooops.  My book is 16MB.  The whole concept behind my book was lots of pictures, then the text to describe what needs to happen.  Well, that sure backfired on me.

I’ve since attempted to go direct to a few places.  I have to wait for my account to be approved at both Amazon and Apple… so I don’t know if my book is too big for them yet or not.  I do know that Nook won’t take my book because it’s too big.

So now, this brings up an interesting dilemma.  Do I need to break my book up into multiple pieces?  Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal.  Find a good middle spot, and break it up.  Unfortunately, the whole idea behind this is the quick implementation guide with lots of hyperlinks to the locations you need to update.  The logical breaking points make this impossible to do, because if you’re going to configure service management, you need a little bit of every thing.  The other option is to pull out all the other sections that aren’t part of the quick start guide, put those into their own book.  This is more likely the approach I will have to take, but like everything, it will take time.

So…  it looks like tonight will be an editing night 🙂  I’d love to hear any feedback you might have on this topic.


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