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Well, I’m getting closer to having my e-book published (well my first one).  I was able to slice and dice my existing one and convert it to probably 3 books at the end of the day.  So I found my publisher of choice.  it’s a place called Smashwords, and overall I like what they offer.  Well, I uploaded my book, and everything seemed great.  Until I got the results.

Happily, there was only thing stopping me from being accepted by the big players, like Apple and Amazon.  Of all things, it was the table of contents.  What I just learned is that you can’t use the nice easy method of the MS Word table contents.  You know, the piece that I meticulously built and refined using the different headers… blah blah blah.  It turns out, you need to use bookmarks for everything.

So that means, I had to manually type out my Table of Contents.  Then go find all of the links that Word built for me, and create new ones in the form of bookmarks.  None of this was hard, but it certainly was time consuming.

Then I found that all of the internal links, needed to use a special naming convention (ref_) for the bookmarks.  I only discovered this after uploading my changes, only to find that most of my links didn’t work :(.  So, now I’ve fixed that, and I’m just waiting for the conversion to complete.  If all goes well, my next post will be to tell you to look for my new E-book 🙂

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