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Well, right now, I’m struggling a bit with keeping my high energy going after the big conference.  It’s now been over a week since I got back from Vegas.  The conference was great, we got a lot of solid leads…  but with so much work going into the conference, it can be hard not to slack off a bit.

So, leading up the conference, I was focused on getting the website converted to our new format (check out and let me if you have any feedback on the new site), and I was focused on a web dynpro version of Production Execution, and the IPad app for the Production supervisor, getting a new SAP system up and running to allow fast access of all our applications…  All of that effort, kinda left me a little burned out.  Then of course, I’m a bit of an introvert, so having to be on 100% of time during the show really takes a lot out of me.

So, what I’ve found is that it’s quite alright to take a week and ease back into things.  Go to bed at a reasonable hour every night, just work till you get tired, or take care of the high priority tasks, and let the secondary tasks slide for a week.  the important thing to remember is that you can’t let things slide forever…  so keep your to-do list up and running.  Focus on the high priority tasks, and when you feel a little more charged up, go back to your “normal” schedule.  For me, I’m hoping to ramp up this coming week and be rolling at 100%.  The conference gave me some big new things to start working on, but I need to start small.  I also just finished a great marketing book.  I’ll talk more about that soon…

Have no fear, more technical stuff is coming, it’s just been a long couple of months.  ha ha ha.

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