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Well, since I have the big conference coming up, I’m still in marketing mode. Lately, I’ve been finding firsthand the elegance of simplicity.  Let me explain what I mean.  Recently, my little guy, Alex, started at a Montessori School.  I’d always heard the term, but never really grasped what was so different.  Before Alex started, we the parents get to come in and check the place out, see what the kids will be doing, and in general get that good feeling that your getting your money’s worth out of the school.  I was already interested, because I’d heard good things about the Montessori concept, but I didn’t understand the details.

So I go in and get to observe the kids.  It’s just 2 teachers for almost 20 kids.  I’m expecting there will be mass chaos, yelling, running, wrestling, etc…  just like daycare.  Well, I walk in everyone is subdued, mellow, focused on their tasks, quietly asking questions if they need help.  Needless to say, I was amazed.  No one was fighting because the activity they wanted wasn’t available.

Now, the next I took away was how simple the activities were, and how easily they teach real skills.  Simple things like counting using sticks that are different lengths.  Allowing your whole brain to engage, sight, touch, even sound…  The obvious nature of everything there had me walking away shaking my head.  In a good way :).  It’s so simple, why didn’t i think of it???  why isn’t everyone doing it???  incredible.

Well, I’ve been reading more of my Perry Marshall course, and it really is eye opening.  In the same way, he’s an engineer turned marketing guru (exactly what I’m trying to do), and the things he teaches leave me shaking my head.  The latest one I’m about to do is to just sit down and write a day in the life of my customer.  Using it help understand their pain, what they want, what they need, and what it’s worth to them.  DUH!!!

Anyway, I am a bit slow at times, but I’m slowly getting there.  Anyway, just remember that success doesn’t have to be complicated…  it just needs to happen on purpose.

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