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Well, lately it’s been marketing mode for me again.  As much as I want to spend my time developing, need to build the business up a little first 🙂  So one of my latest lessons has been segmenting my mailing lists.  Originally, when Mike and I started, we gathered up our prospect list, and put them into a couple of lists.  Seemed good.  It was based off of how promising the leads were.  Well, this can work if we didn’t have 2 very different segments to the business (at that time it was 3).  Since I’ve been the more focused marketer, it means I’ve been blogging more, and sending out more emails.  Well the problem is that a list that contains SM and PP and VC prospects, what do you suppose happens when the list only receives information about SM?  you guessed it…  lots of unsubscribes, because in general, PP and VC people don’t care about SM.

Well, after getting ourselves a decent list of prospects from our recent conference, we realized that we need to break these lists up and target the group effectively.  Of course, this is easier said than done, but Capsule CRM has actually been pretty good at helping me find the people that were broken into a segment.  There will always be some people we have no idea about, so they will get everything…  but the ones we know about, we can target to only send them PP stuff, or SM stuff.  In general, it’s probably better to send less stuff, than the wrong stuff.

So, that’s been one of my recent endeavors, to classify all of our prospects…  so now we have a few lists…  the next step is to send them useful information.  In general, I have more than enough blog posts, some white papers, etc. that I should be able to handle this 🙂  at least for a few months.  ha ha ha.

Anyway, take it from me…  focus the right information at the right people.  The spray and pray method, really doesn’t work (at least it didn’t for me).

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