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You know, those words are so easy to say, but often difficult to live by.  If you’re anything like me, when you get stressed and tired, everything can feel like a personal assault.  It’s during these times that you really need to take a step back and not go on the defensive.

My current situation has me on a late night shift, and still working all day at my “day job”.  Realistically, this shouldn’t be that different from my normal work schedule, except that I get to work on my own stuff during the late nights.  But something about having to be “on” all day and “night” can be very tiring.  Also, when I start to get tired, I can’t just call it a night until my shift ends.  Because of this, I’ve noticed that I’m really tired, often irritable.  When I read my emails, I have this tendency to see things as an attack.  So, what’s important for me, and maybe you experience this too, is to hold off on any responses that you can while you feel like this.  Don’t IM, text, call, or email until you are more rested (or at least are a few minutes separated from reading).

The other important thing is to remember that rarely is anyone out to assault you.  If it’s a co-worker, they want everyone to succeed, so they are just pointing out opportunities to improve.  If it’s family, well, they love you, and just might not realize your frame of mind…  so there’s your word of advise…

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