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If you really want to be successful, you need to have a high level of self-esteem.  I know what you’re thinking… duh!!!  but there really is more to than that.  The first and most important thing is that you can literally manufacture your own self-esteem at will.  I’ve heard this before, but sometimes I get so caught up, that I need a reminder.  Listening to Brian Tracy kicked me in the pants again.  So if anyone can make self-esteem at will, why don’t they?  and why isn’t everyone a success?  Well, first let me explain, in my layman’s terms, how anyone can increase their self esteem.

First, and easiest…  like yourself.  I know…  duh again!!!  isn’t that part of the definition of self-esteem?  well, as obvious as it sounds, many people, for one reason or another, don’t like themselves.  They beat themselves up, they focus on their mistakes, they tell themselves they aren’t good enough.  All of these things sucker punch your self-esteem.  But there is an incredibly easy thing you can do to build it up.  Simple repeat (out loud preferably), “I Like Myself”.  Anytime you feel a little down a little deflated, just take a minute and repeat that simple phrase 5 or 10 times (or more).  Just by telling yourself this, you pump yourself back up.

Next up, is the more sophisticated method…  but even more powerful.  Visualization.  you may have heard how athletes play an entire game in their mind before they take the field, they see themselves doing everything perfectly, and they do it over and over again.  Well, this works because your brain can’t tell the difference between this visualization and real life.  So if you replay a past victory over and over again in your head, your brain sees it as 50 victories (now remember, the same thing is true for your defeats).  So simply by replaying your past successes over and over again in your mind, you literally build up your confidence because your brain sees that you have done this 50 times, so doing it again is no problem.  Self esteem is often related to accomplishing goals.  so if you see yourself succeeding over and over again, your self esteem grows…  even though you only visualized 49 of those successes…

So…  remember, you can build your self-esteem anytime you want.  you can also crush it.  Take control of your thinking and you can succeed 🙂

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