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Well, in my recent project, I quickly came to the conclusion that GUI script is an amazing tool, but it’s not the only tool.  Like so many of us, when we get a new “hammer” in the toolbox, everything looks like a nail 🙂  GUI Script has been my hammer.  I built lots of fun scripts to load data, only to find that scripting in a production environment is not always allowed (that was a setup back).

The next thing I quickly came to realize is that GUI Script is not nearly as efficient as a BDC program or better yet LSMW.  To give you a ballpark, I was attempting to create a bunch of equipment records.  It was very simple, just adding a description and a serial number and saving.  In GUI script, I could load about 3000 equipment in an hour.  Then, I put together an LSMW to do the same thing.  It processes through about 1000 records per minute 🙂  Now, don’t get me wrong, writing the GUI script is so much faster, it’s meant for small data loads.  If your doing anything of significant volume, you really do need an LSMW.

Short story, this was good to remind me that I have a hammer and a drill in my toolbox 🙂

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