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Wow, it’s crazy how quickly time slips by.  I just noticed that it’s been almost a month since my last post.  Between a busy consulting engagement and some renewed interest in UI5, I realized that something can quickly be forgotten, including good habits.

It can become an easy excuse that I was too busy, or something kept “coming up”, but the reality is that we all choose our priorities.  We determine what is most important, what we want to spend our time on, and what gets our focus.  For me, I can say that I would like to have been writing more, but I realized that the past month has been spent working on some pet passions.  The biggest of those is my family, so I have no regrets.

This post is mostly to say hello and let you know that more posts will be coming soon.  In particular, I expect some stuff about UI5, as I overcome some obstacles that have been bugging me for a couple weeks now.  It’s also to remind you to consciously choose your priorities.  Often they can get chosen for you if you aren’t paying attention.  Always make sure that things like health and family take priority.  The other stuff will work itself out 🙂

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