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I know this has nothing to do with business or software, but I just had to share this.  I’ve been having neck issues for the past couple months.  I’ve tried massages, chiropractors, new exercises, no exercises, but at the end of the day, I found myself every day with the same issue.  I happened to be talking to my good friend Justin a week ago, and he mentioned that I should check out a guy called Kelly Starrett and his Mobility project.  Basically, he’s been putting out videos for a while in the form of a challenge.

I started to scanning through some of them (there are quite a few) and isolated the ones talking about the neck.  Well, one of the first ones I found made a huge difference.  Sleeping: neck and Shoulders and pillows.

Well, the gist of this, is that if you want to protect your neck while sleeping, you need to kinda roll up a pillow and have it under your neck.  Otherwise you end up hunched over and just when I stopped to think about it, it’s exactly what I’ve been dealing with at night.  The first night I did it, I woke up pain free.  Unfortunately, my daily routine found the pain again later that day…  but by following this, I woke up feeling much better.  I’m still experimenting with the best combination of pillows, so I’m not there yet…  but it has certainly made a difference.  Now I’m finding that my day to day life is also aggravating my neck… so I’ll need to spend more time in this area…

Anyway, I just wanted to share it.

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