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Well, unfortunately my rock star app developer I’ve used in the past has a new job, and won’t be able to support my ad-hoc projects very well going forward (I’ll miss you Paul), so I’m on the hunt for a new developer.  If you happen to know anyone that does iOS development and is familiar with using the Netweaver gateway services, please let me know.  I would need to find someone that will work on a per job basis, since it’s unlikely I will have constant work to do.

Ideally, this person will be able to iOS and Android (iOS is the starting point, but if a client wants Android, I need to be able to convert to that platform).  All of my services will be coming from SAP Gateway, so experience here is very helpful, especially since I’m far from an expert in this area, but I’ve figured out enough stuff to be dangerous 🙂

email me at: mpiehl@javellinsolutions.com if you are interested.

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