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Well, since I’ve been working on a new mobile app, I’ve been building quite a few new services.  I had noticed that my compile time was getting pretty long (5 – 10 minutes in fact).  I initially thought was just because of all of the services.  But then I took a minute and noticed that every time (I think) I compiled my project, I was getting several new classes (interfaces) created.  I started looking at them, and they all seemed identical.  It seems that the gateway makes these extra classes for you to redesign things.  The problem is that suddenly I had a 1000 new classes I didn’t even know I had.  So, I started hunting on the web to see what I could find.  I never did get a good explanation for all these classes (if anyone out there reading can tell me, I’d love to understand).

But apparently, this is a known issue, and the only way to clean it up is manually.  So if you find yourself with a new netweaver gateway project, take a look at your runtime objects.  It’s likely you have a big stack of trash in there.  Here’s why I’m getting rid of it.

1.  SE24, deleting the extra classes.  I did a small experiment, and it’s like doritos, crunch all you want, we’ll make more.  So I’ve been wiping out all of my interfaces, and then recompiling my project, leaving me with just the few classes I need.  I built a gui script to do this, as it was taking nearly a minute for each deletion.  Decided, I’d let it happen while I slept.

2.  if you want to remove them from the list, you need to take a 2nd step and delete them from table: /IWBEP/I_SBD_GA  I just built a simple program where I can input the classes I deleted, then remove them from the dB.  The following code is simple and take care of the issue.



DELETE from /IWBEP/I_SBD_GA WHERE name in so_name.

I’m still in the middle of cleanup, so I’m hoping my run time significantly improves.  Then I can get back to the original issue of why my create attachment won’t compile… but I’ll save that for when I have an answer 🙂

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