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My new favorite marketing guru, Perry Marshall, introduced me to the term head trash.  It’s a simple term to explain a very complicated concept.  Head trash is all of the things we do to sabotage ourselves everyday.  It could be a fear of failure, it could be worrying about what other people think about you or your products, or it could be something far more ominous because you can’t put your finger on it.  I happened to think of this post because lately I think I have plenty of head trash surfacing.  For the rest time I’m battling with insomnia.  Literally, can’t stop thinking when I try to crash for the night.  It took me a while, but I finally realized that I must have issues to deal with 🙂

Personally, I still struggle with the fear of poverty.  It’s a ridiculous fear, but it drives me to keep going and going.  I know I have more under the surface, but I’m still working on figuring them out.  Everyone has something that holds us back.  The question comes down to if we can find a way to overcome it.  Much of it revolves around spirituality and self improvement.  Personally, I found something that I’m toying with.  It’s called Sozo…  and it’s more religious than I normally tend to personally, but a lot of it “feels” right.  So it’s worth a try.

The first step is recognizing that something is holding you back.  So…  what’s holding you back from accomplishing your dreams?

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