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Well, this is a headache I haven’t dealt with in a long time (and I had to go digging to remember how to fix this).  So I thought it might be something useful for any one else looking :).  Now, here is the scenario.  I had a configurable material that has a material variant of the same KMAT on the bom.  (the idea was to have MV’s created without all the options and kept in stock to expedite getting orders out the door).  All of this was fine, until we got to sales order costing.

We kept getting the CK877 error, Sales order costing not possible for recursive configurable materials.  Well, I know for a fact, that it works (it’s been working with a bunch of the material variants created months ago).  So, after some digging, I came to find that for a group of new MV’s created, they all had a low level code of 000.  Now, I don’t claim to understand exactly what these codes are or how they are calculated, but I do know is that adding a 000 onto another 000 will cause issues somewhere down the line when it comes to VC 🙂

Now, in order to “fix” this problem, we located an old dummy BOM.  This happened to be a group BOM (not sure if that makes a difference or not).  I added all of the new MV’s to this BOM saved it (and then deleted it off just for cleanliness), and magically, the low level codes got updated to 001, my sales order costing error disappeared.  FYI.  MARA-DISST will hold your low level code, if you need to do a quick check on a group of materials.

Hope this can save you some major research in the future.  thanks for reading,

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