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I’ve found that it becomes too easy to get obsessive about my goal.  As a result, often end up too close to burning out.  Like I mentioned in some of my previous posts, I’ve been working with all my extra energy to continue launching the business.  Well, it’s a simple fix (I’m laughing as I write those words).  Taking a break, enjoy the little things, and remember why you’re working so hard…

Now for me, this is always a challenge.  I  have this drive that I have a difficult time turning off.  My aspiration to make the business successful means that I have so much to do, so much to learn and it’s incredibly difficult to turn it off.  As a result, I drive myself beyond the limits I should.  Now, this sounds great…  I get so much done, but then I go too far…  I stress my body beyond my limits, and end up either sick, burned out, or just generally in trouble with my wife =)

Now, like I mentioned, it’s simple.  Take a break.  Make a point of taking at least one night off every week.  Go to bed early, go out with friends, or just read a fun book.  The goal is remind yourself why you’re working so hard.  It gives your brain an opportunity to focus on something else (Often resulting in new ideas or renewed energy), it keeps you healthier… and keeps everyone in your life happier =)  Take it from me… it’s worth the time.

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